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Cincinnati Blues Society: Winter Blues Festival Sells Out

by ClassicGrrl

Portion about VP:
“Voodoo Puppet KILLED in the Parlor rocking so hard the floor shook. The beer bottles on the table next to me kept vibrating themselves into my lap. Once again, strong vocals made for a great set and the band has recorded their first original tune which was my favorite.  You can listen/download it on their website and it is featured on the compilation CD available at the Blues Society website.”

Roadhouse blues alive and well with Voodoo Puppet

by Julie Hotchkiss

Voodoo Puppet is a blues-rock band that just gets better every time you hear them. Which is impressive, because they were quite good when they started out a couple of years ago. They played at a Cincy Fringe Festival afterparty in the basement of the Know Theatre last summer, and at that show, their spooky blues set conjured up ancient mansions in the French Quarter, live oak trees hung with Spanish moss, and alligators snapping in the bayou.

By the time they performed at a Second Sunday on Main event last August, they’d added a new vocalist and sax player who brought a little bit of Memphis to the sultry summer afternoon show. The group continued to change and evolve, and each time they were a little bit different, a little bit more eclectic, as they drew on blues traditions and the rock bands that were inspired by that traditional style of music.

The four musicians who played at the Stockyard Café on Saturday, March 6, were evidence that Voodoo Puppet has really hit its stride. They boogied through four sets composed of a mix of roadhouse blues, New Orleans and Cajun music, and plenty of numbers by rock and rollers who embraced the music of the Mississippi delta, including Clapton, Elvis, and the Rolling Stones.

The band’s lineup now includes frontman Tim Tiernan, guitarist Harry Harvey, bassist Brother James, and drummer Greg Roberts. Greg also handles the occasional lead vocal and did an engaging cover of a Levon Helm song, “Blues So Bad,” on Saturday evening.

One of Voodoo Puppet’s strengths is that they pick great songs, old and new, and make them their own. It’s an approach that works to get the audience bopping along, and last Saturday, Tiernan's dynamic lead vocals, Harvey's tripod of guitars, and the driving rhythm section of Roberts and Czar had the audience clapping and tapping to traditional blues tunes from Charlie Segar’s “Key to the Highway” to John Lee Hooker’s “Little Wheel.”

You can catch Voodoo Puppet’s distinctive brand of rock and blues at their many upcoming shows - find out more at their website:

Leadfoot Johnny and Voodoo Puppets Rock the Canal

TippNews DAILY

by Michael McDermott

Way back in the 1800’s, Tippecanoe City used the canal lock to breed commerce and ferry both goods and passengers up and down the river.  It served as a hub of activity for the growing town of Tippecanoe.

Canal Music Fest

For one night only, the Tipp City Area Arts Council transformed the tranquil Canal Lock Park into a community hub as in yesteryear.  In addition to the existing historic Roller Mill, Canal Boat, Bike Path and Freeman Prairie, the Arts Council invited two Cincinnati rock/blues bands, assembled a stage, contracted a sound system, and coordinated food for the first ever Canal Music Fest.

JJ Slanker, event coordinator for the Arts Council, was on hand to deal with all event activities both large and small and make sure the concert in the park went off without a hitch.  “While I can’t change the weather, (the humidity made it feel like 98 degrees) I am making sure that all of the components of the event are taken care of,” stated Slanker.

Approximately 100 residents were in attendance to to enjoy the music performed by Cincinnati-based bands Leadfoot Johnny and Voodoo Puppet.  The two bands performed blues, rock and alternative cover tracks for more than 3 hours in the oppressive humidity and heat.  Lead vocalist Tim Tiernan shrugged off the heat stating “this is just the first of our summer outdoor concerts, it won’t be getting any cooler for us.”  Tiernan’s wardrobe included 4 different shirts to help him stay comfortable in the sweltering heat under the stage tent.



from Fans

Your music reminds me of home...

- Kimberly

Listened to your songs... awesome stuff! I am a huge fan of the blues. Hopefully you guys will play in Nashville soon!

- Angel

I dig your live clips, I could see us doing as show together.  Glad to see you guys are getting some work, it's tough these days for bands... I already like you guys as much as Sonny Moorman.

- Randy Wilson

Your music is perfect... haha. Well it is at least nice to know a band is touring that has that good older sound.

  1. -Maria


Thanks to the great support of our
awesome fans, Voodoo Puppet won the 2011 CityBeat
Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues Band!